Alfred Alert™

ostom-i Alert NOT Available for Android


Android™ Users
The Alfred Alert DOES NOT CURRENTLY WORK with any Android™ device.

The Alfred Alert™ sensor is a discrete innovative device that alerts patients as to how full their ostomy/stoma bags are so that they can decide if and when to empty them.

The device clips on to any ostomy pouch and sends alerts via Bluetooth® wireless technology to an app on your mobile device telling you that your pouch is filling up. You can set individual alerts as to when you wish to be notified. The device also captures guidance information about volume of output over a time period and allows you to email that information. In addition this data is stored safely on our website allowing you to access it at any given time. Each device is single use only and last up to three months.

iOS Users
The Alfred Alert app is available for iOS versions 7 and above from the App Store®.

Insurance Reimbursement
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